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The Magic Bus


An old colorful school bus, one adorable baby and two lovely people stopped by “In The Wind” only a few days ago. There are no doubts that they stopped at the right place cause these people were clearly in the wind.

This kind of people just reminds me why I wanted to own a hostel; to meet such amazing people. As soon as they arrived I fell in love with their beautiful souls, their little Nebula and their amazing bus. Nebula is their two and a half month ago little girl that was named after the stars and born near Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica. They explained me they had chosen the name Nebula before the little girl was even conceived and that she happened to be born in the Valley of the stars, which was totally unplanned. Julia doesn’t think it’s a coincidence…for her, life is this beautiful journey that always unfolds exactly how it is supposed to be. In fact, Julia, Joshua and the little Nebula ended up staying in our room called “Peaceful vibrations”….think it’s a coincidence? If you would have met them, you knew it wasn’t. At night, we had the chance to experience with them a crystal singing bowl meditation session. It is said that by simply listening to the rich, pure, vibrant tone of a bowl, most sound recipients find them deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, even stirring of deep emotions and states of well being. Even if you don't believe it, it is undeniable that the sound is so intense that it puts you in a kind of trance.

Julia is from California and Joshua from England. They just traveled from LA to Costa Rica with 14 other people in about 40 days, Julia being in her last month of pregnancy. She gave birth to the little Nebula here in Costa Rica where Julia and Joshua want to buy a land to eventually build a community. For now, they are trying to sell the “Magic bus” so that they can go to Australia sell aboriginal art crafts then probably go to China to teach English. Then they would come back to Costa Rica and start building the community.

I just think that their way of living is such a good example of how life should be lived. Traveling, going with the flow, being confident that life will show you the way...

Good luck Julie and Joshua in your odyssey! Thanks for visiting us and sharing so much love with us!


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