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100 meters west of Roosevelt School

San Pedro Montes de Oca

San José, Costa Rica

Tel: (506) 4034-0070

How to get here

From the Juan Santamaria International Airport: 


Use the Hostel Shuttle


In The Wind Hostel & Guesthouse offers a shuttle service to/from the airport. The cost is $30 for up to four people provided everyone's luggage can fit in the trunk and/or in their laps. You must send us a message 24 hours in advance with the flight number and arrival time. Remember that the B&B closes at 10PM. Groups larger than four that are interested in shuttle service should Contact Us for prices.


Take a Taxi


If you prefer not to use our shuttle you can always take a taxi, too. Even though a taxi can be a bit pricey the bus system here is not very easy to figure out so unless you have a lot of time, patience and speak Spanish a taxi is your next best bet to get here quickly after the shuttle. Upon leaving customs head towards the Ground Transportation exit. There will be plenty of drivers more than willing to give you a lift. Make sure they use the meter or offer you a flat rate that is around $30. Give them the following directions (Spanish):En San Pedro...Cien metros al oeste de la Escuela Roosevelt, La casa blanca de la esquina con banderas. First and foremost ask the driver if he knows where the above address is. You might be surprised at the amount of drivers who do not know where they are going but will still run the meter while they try to get you there. Some hostels/hotels give drivers commission for everyone they bring in so naturally they will try to take you there. They might tell you we do not exist or we closed down or we are full. Do not believe any of these stories.  If they are persistent in their claims go with another driver. It is also a good idea to use a driver with a cell phone because even though their job is to know where places are many of them get lost on a regular basis. If they do get "lost" do not let him drive you around running up the meter. Tell him to take you to Mall San Pedro. From there you can get into another taxi who will know where we are or contact us at 4034 0070 from a pay phone. The hostel is only a few blocks from Mall San Pedro. We also have shuttle service to and from the airport so if you would rather us pick you up just give us at least twenty-four hour notice. 


Or Try the Bus


Upon leaving the airport you will see a parking structure out front. On the other side of it is a public bus stop with practically all of the buses heading towards San Jose. Make sure you ask the driver beforehand just to be sure. If you do not speak Spanish just look at him and say "San Jose?" in a confused gringo manner and if he nods you are good. The bus will drop you downtown on Avenida 2 across from a large church. Running through the middle of downtown is a stone walkway called the Avenida Central and is for pedestrian traffic only. From the airport bus stop head East and then turn left (North) until you arrive at the Avenida Central. Turn right (East) onto the pedestrian only walkway. At the end of the walkway where traffic resumes there is a bus stop. The buses all go to San Pedro and they will say in big yellow letters "SAN PEDRO-SAN JOSE" or on the windows will say something about the University, Mall San Pedro, or Outlet Mall. Take one of those buses for about five minutes and watch for a big round-about with 3 fountains (which may or may not be on) in the middle next to the Mall of San Pedro. You want to get off at the next stop in front of the San Pedro Outlet Mall (American Mall). Walk back in the direction you just came for about twenty meters. Make a left and walk between the large Banco Nacional building and the Outlet Mall. Go two blocks south passing the football pitch (soccer field) on your left. Make a right after the post office (Correos de Costa Rica). Walk one more block. We are the big white house on the corner with the In The Wind Hostel & Guesthouse sign and flags around the exterior.  

1. It is an old B&B but clean. Floors, surfaces, interuptors, stoves, microwave, tables, accessories, telephone, everything you can touch is washed and di sinfected every morning. The toilets are washed every three hours (daytime). We have our certificate of excellence from the Ministry of Health as well as our fumigation certificate.
2. The downtown is three kilometers from the hostel. Easily accessible by bus, city bike or on foot.
3. You can pay by credit card pr debit card, but there is a 5% charge.
4. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the hotel, the rooms, the garden or the terrace under penalty of immediate expulsion and without reimbursement.
5. Check-in closes at 10PM. Start at 2PM. Check-out is at 11AM.
No animal
Parking on the street

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