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Dear Ocean...

Dear Ocean...

I wish I could get up every morning and from my window, see the sun rising over you. I wish I could go everywhere with you and know all of your most profound secrets. I wish you could show me the world. I wish you could bring me to places where I have never been. I wish you’d always be by my side to lift up my soul and ease my mind. I wish I could escape with you for a little while or maybe forever…flee from the society. I wish I could be a mermaid and live to the sight of your beauty or to the sound of your infinity. I wish I could know how it is to live in your vastness and far from greediness… in a world where words don’t exist and silence persists. I wish I could navigate your water till I feel better. I wish I could hide in your tide or rest on your stillness. I wish you could teach me how we rise with the moon, dance to the wind and go with the flow.

Please Ocean, take me with you where life is a little more salty and less bitter. Show me immensity. Take me away from society.


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