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10 Reasons why you should come stay @ In The Wind Hostel & Guesthouse

1- Agréable et conviviale, In The Wind Hostel est l'endroit à recommander pour les voyageurs désirant profiter de la capitale Tica tout en y rencontrant d'autres voyageurs ouverts sur les autres cultures. Établis pour le partage de la joie de vivre, prospère en chaleur humaine, c'est le point de ralliement idéal pour s'orienter dans ce pays de Pura Vida. –Jean-Nick, Québec

2- A place where everybody can be who they truly are and share with open minded souls. -Vanessa, Québ

3- A place where I felt like I was home with my family & friends. -Jermaine, US

4- Parfaitement située dans San Jose, la qualité de l'accueil, l'ambiance relaxe et respectueuse , la disponibilité, la gentillesse et le sourire de Josée en plusieurs langues, la propreté et parce qu'on se sent très vite un peu comme à la maison. – Louky, Suisse

5- Relax and good vibes in a well located hostel. – Pablo, France

6- Because you feel at home everyday. Because their is no place for the routine. – Tiffany, France

7 -Because you can be part of a wonderful international family! – Mickael, France

8 -In the wind Hostel was Lit, if you are in San Jose, make sure you slide by and stay for a comfortable time. The Pancakes were hella good and the host are really accommodating and cool! - Harry, United States

9-Por su confort y seguridad @ In the wind te haz de hospedar.. palabra de Mexicano..." – Rolon, Mexico

10- Because it is more than just a 0815 hostel - it's like a home away from home. Lovely people, great atmosphere and a warm welcome for everyone! You're not just paying for a bed to sleep in. With plenty of common room it's easy to make friends, to organize your next trip with some recommendations or just relax. It can be whatever you need or want for your trip. Privacy or a new family - it's up to you. Hannah, Germany

What are you waiting for?!

Come stay with us!!


comSo what are you waiting for??! Come stay with us and be part of the family!!

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